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Chaotic, fragmented and vibrant, Philippe Starck’s take on Asian fusion is a crazy blend of cultures and colours. In the futuristic design, technology comes to the fore – the surface of the 26 metre long table is constructed from screens looping news channels from all over Asia, while scattered grains of rice are projected onto the walls. Combined with psychedelic wallpaper and eclectic lighting, the effect is of entering a world somewhere between Bladerunner and Alice and Wonderland. The concept revolves around the fictional Miss Ko – a faceless character covered in Yakuza-style full body tattoos that symbolise the junction of the modernity and traditions of Asia, as designed by Horikitsune and photographed By Uli Weber. Her form links the graphic design with the interior, giving the insanity of the space a strong sense of narrative. More at Designboom.

photo: designboom

photo: horikitsune



Designed by Jean Nouvel in 1987, l’Institut du Monde Arabe is still one of Paris’ most distinctive architectural features. The huge glass facade is backed by a layer of interlocked metal diaphragms, which are individually controlled by sunlight to open and close like a camera lens. The effect is bewitching, creating different geometric patterns throughout the course of the day, all of which are reminiscent of Arabic art, albeit a super-modern interpretation.


interior with 80s fashion cameo

close up