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Seeing double in Richmond’s interiors for the Kaspia restaurant at Four Seasons Baku and the 3.1 Phillip Lim looks on the NYFW runway this week. The bespoke ‘stalactite’ lighting, sculpturally curved walls and glossy black tables perfectly mirror Lim’s geology-inspired collection of embroidered organza, coloured leathers and iridescent finishes.


Barcelona’s Ikibana, designed by El Equipo Creativo, reflects the paradox of its Japanese/Brazilian fusion cuisine. Fluid, dynamic and dramatic, the contours of the design create small islands of seating while the wooden panels extend from the seating and weave into the ceiling. The robust, sensuous connotations of Brazil are mixed with the refinement and minimalism of traditional Japanese art – the geometric tessellating tables bring muted tropical colours into the space, while the gardens set behind glass panels are a natural element that complements the artificial ‘forest’ of the woven ceiling. The standout feature for me is the wispy, angular light fittings which float over the bar like dandelion clocks.

More photos and floor plans available at The Contemporist.

Lush wildflower fields clash with eerily symmetrical architectural prints in Mary Katrantzou’s Resort 2014 collection. Where fashion is serving us such a monochromatic palette these couple of seasons it’s refreshing to see such an intense extravaganza of colour. Enjoy the whole collection on

Also playing on the contrast between architecture and nature is the collaboration of Eden Floral Design and Becasse, where sprawling vines take over stark traditional interiors. It’s interesting that the introduction of uncontrolled nature in a formal space creates either a sense of restfulness or tension, it brings dynamism and life to a static environment. More photos at Pulch Photography.